the tsunami effect, a wake-up call

por Feb 2, 2022

I started 2020 in Barcelona, ​​with family, work and my best friend visiting. I was fired mid February as a result of the pandemic that was building up. Along came lockdown (part I). In August, I flew overnight to Buenos Aires due to family matters (lockdown, part II) and spent the next year and a half between prayers, loss, hospitals, dead-end job interviews, doctors and highly inadvisable stress. I had been living abroad for seven years -and had not been back in three full years-. However, there is always (yes, always) a good side to life. Mine was being able to support my mother when she needed it the most. In addition to reconnecting with several of my most precious affections and understanding that I cannot handle everything. Nobody can.

I also dedicated myself to training and reinventing myself. Studying is always a way of paying attention to myself because it connects me with the joy – and responsibility – of continuous learning. I have reinvented myself per se when I understood that I only had to surrender to what it was and not what I wanted it to be. Or what could no longer be. I hatched for the second time, at 40 years old. And I made a promise to myself: that I would do it as many times as necessary.

Has anyone else felt devastated by the “Tsunami Effect” before, during or after the Pandemic? It was a rhetorical question…

Two years went by, I have returned to Europe and I could say that today I feel aligned and at peace. Because what I have experienced -and everything that remains to be lived- was the opportunity to rediscover who I Am. To carry out one of the main tasks that we, coaches, propose: observe ourselves, integrate and transcend whatever is necessary to live in emotional alignment with ourselves and with our environment.

May your light illuminate the World.


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