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por Feb 20, 2022

I have recently been for a run in the park and on the way home I thought about two things. First, how necessary it is to put the body in motion. Not only as a matter of physical and mental health, but for love. Love for our main vehicle throughout life. Secondly, how we associate retiring to a green space to «unplugging» (from routine, obligations, problems).

Nature as an analogy of refuge or escape route. «I’m going to the forest/the mountains/the sea for a few days, to unplug», we usually say.

We know what we mean. The Universe, however, is literal. So if we say that we are going to the sea to «unplug», that is how we will be walking around, without inner Wi-Fi although posting stories and answering messages. Imagine what happens when we say «money is not enough» or «I’m exhausted»… Exactly. We have decreed it.

These «decrees» usually come from deep-rooted beliefs in our Culture and our family system. But, mainly, from the lack of awareness when speaking. We repeat what we have heard or seen since we were little, without stopping to think about how consistent it is with our own vision of life.

The power of our words is such that we must pay attention to what we say and how we say it. From there we can identify our beliefs and modify the perception of our conflicts. We can begin to create the life that we really long for.

Start thinking about the echo of your words. The first thing you say to yourself when you wake up and the last thing you say to yourself before you go to sleep.

Exercise: today, try to observe yourself conscientiously.

  • How do I talk to myself? (with affection, contempt, compassion, harshness…)
  • What stories do I tell myself? Try to identify the style of your speech.
  • Do you fall into the role of the victim easily?
  • Are you the leading actor or a secondary character in the movie of your life?


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