My mission is to walk people through the process of “waking up” (becoming more consciously aware) while empowering their emotional well-being.
As a communicator, I know that words do have an impact. Learning how to listen to ourselves, is the first step towards more effective emotional communication. Paying attention to how we talk to ourselves; the stories we tell ourselves in order to understand our projections and how we relate to others. Quoting Enric Corbera: «the only relationship that you must work on, is the relationship you have with yourself.»

“Know all the theories, master all the techniques,
but as you touch a human soul be just another human soul.”
(C.G. Jung)

The session

During the session, we will work on identifying those blocking beliefs and unconscious programmes which bring conflict into our lives. The main goal is the shift of perception in regards to these conflicts, in order to get rid of complaints, guilt and victimization; the toxins of the soul that slowly extinguish our light and take over our vital energy.


Let me guide you through this process of becoming aware, in order to live in a state of coherence and harmony with yourself and others. Remembering every step of the way that your only mission, in this life, is to shine your light.

Welcome to this journey of unlearning and opening up the heart to the true miracle of Life.