Individual Bioneuroemoción® Sessions

Bioneuroemoción® is an avant-garde method, developed by Enric Corbera, aimed at the growth and emotional well-being of people. It has a constructivist-humanist epistemological basis and investigates the origin of emotional conflicts, in order to change the perception towards a broader vision to improve quality of life and psychological well-being. The method draws on the latest research in the fields of Psychology, Biology, Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology; Behavioral Epigenetics and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

The session takes place in 4 phases:

1. Analysis

identifying the conflict. It could be either a physical symptom or an emotional conflict – eg.: self esteem / trust issues / relationships/ family/work related problems, etc.

2. Understanding

Knowing the origin of the emotional conflicts related to the reason for consultation.

3. Learning

The consultant regains a proactive role in the conflict.

4. Application

The consultant acquires applicable resources and tools to enhance their well-being.

Additional Sessions

After a first Bioneuroemoción® Session, I guide the person through their self-discovery and expansion of consciousness path; adding spiritual tools that have accompanied me over the years and have enhanced my well-being. Human Development tools (using the Socratic Method to help to discover one’s sense of meaning and self-trascendence); Mindfulness (vision boards, automatic writing, gratefulness journals, etc.); Yoga breath control exercises and Ikigai, among others.



1 hour 30 minutes


Individual and private

**Requirements: +18 individuals. As it is not psychotherapy, psychopathologies are not addressed**